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They can get into your home through cracks in the structure or in which the building comes into contact with the ground. Amazinglythey can get through cracks as narrow as 1/64 of an inch. What's most painful for homeowners would be that termite damage generally is not covered in home owners' insurance. .

If you suspect that you might have a termite infestation on your hands, check for your house for wood that sounds hollow when you tap it, mud tubes made of soil outside of your house (through which termites seep in exterior walls, beams and crawl spaces), termite fecal material, and shed-off termite wings.

If you've determined that you do indeed have termites, there are a couple of ways that you can eliminate them. You may try treating yourself. But, treating termites on your own can be a long and involved process because the majority of people don't have the large and expensive pressure sprayers that professional pest control companies use.

A pest control professional might have a 100 gallon (378 liters) pressure sprayer on hand to treat termites quickly, but you might only have a five gallon (18 liter) bucket. .



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Evidently, it's going to you a lot longer than a professional to treat the infestation, but it can be done. Use a trench tool or pick ax to dig a six by six-inch (15 from 15 centimeter) trench around the foundation of the structure. For each 10 feet (3 meters) of trench, pour four gallons (15 liters) of termiticide into the trench. .

If that is too much bother or if your home improvement treatment doesn't seem to be working, it is ideal to call a professional. Your home is your biggest investment, and it is worth the money to have a professional work to protect it. Professional pest control experts will treat wood with termiticide, repellant, borate wood treatment, soil treatment or a combination of all these approaches to kill termites and also to create a protective barrier to keep them away for years to come. .

Prevention, in the case of termites, is surely better than cure. To keep them from getting inside your residence, eliminate moisture since termites need moisture to survive. Check your home for structural leaks and cracks so that moisture doesn't float inside. Additionally, make sure to clean your gutters and maintain your roof to eliminate potential water issues. .



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Are concerned your property could have a termite infestation We use the latest technology and proven prevention approaches to give you a termite-free house. Termites can cause significant damage to your home, especially if they are left undetected. Thats why regular termite inspections are highly recommended.



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Termites also known as white ants, are small bugs with soft bodies. Nonetheless, these insects are not actually ants. A termite can eat any substance that is high in cellulose and colonies can multiply quickly. To be able to eliminate them, you have to know how to identify the species and the seriousness of the infestation.

Termite control methods include using bait stations, insecticides and traps. We can determine the best approach to deal with your issue after a thorough building and pest inspection is completed. The use of thermal imaging cameras are one of the best ways to identify and locate any termite activity.

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Getting My Who Is Termite Control To WorkSome Known Details About What The Best Termite Control Company
Eliminate Access by sealing cracks up & joints to prevent termites from entering Eliminate dead and old wood outside the home leading prevent termites from nesting there. Expose Affected timber to direct sunlight if at all possible. Eliminate sources of moisture in and around the house. Get Annual Termite Inspections from Gawler Pest Control. .




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What Does What The Best Termite Control Company Do?Some Ideas on What The Best Termite Control Company You Need To
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You can spray the merchandise and water mixture onto timber with a hand-pump sprayer, foam into read more wall voids using a foaming additive and apparatus, or paint the water-product mixture directly onto the wood. Most Bora-Care applications will need two coats for ideal results. Read the product label to your optimal product-to-water mix and the number of applications needed for your situation. .

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